Benjamin Franklin once said; “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.” So in an effort to educate, I would like to pass on some info which I only learned in the last year or so.

In recent years, investigations in the field of bio-science has yielded the reasons why our body fails to protect itself from the onslaught of disease in these modern times. OK, this has always been a challenge but what if we were to roll back the clock a couple of centuries? What would we find?

No technology as we know it. Minimal degradation of our planet. No acid rain. No green harvesting. Only naturally occurring toxins. No chemical fertilizers. No hole in the o-zone layer. Wow, how did mankind survive through the last millenium?

Luckily we have moved forward and created all our modern conveniences. TV dinners, fast foods, mechanised harvesting and cold storage, preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring, food irradiation. Not to mention green house gases, high carbon emmissions, polution, rainforest depletion, ........... and the list goes on.

We have created synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified and engineered our raw foods to gain greater yields, learned how to extend the shelf life, found ways of preserving the flavour and the colour, even when it has not ripened yet. Our meats are grown faster and subjected to more processing. We have gone hygiene mad. We believe that any type of bacteria is bad for us and needs to be removed.

All of this to meet the demand of a society which expects to have everything at the corner supermarket 24hrs a day. Ok, perhaps I am being a little facetious but what effect is this having on our bodies? Do you think that anything is missing? Damn right there is, and the doctors know it!

They are being pressured by the expectation of a society that wants an instant fix, a desire to be well again immediately. This has lead to the creation of synthesised drugs which attempt to cure anything from the common cold through to life threatening illnesses and get us back to health a.s.a.p.

Statistics show that in Australia the median life span is 81 years. That breaks down as 78.7years for men and 83.5 years for women. That means that approximately 50% of us don't make it to the average! The question that was asked of me when I heard this was, "are we living longer or dying longer?" What is your view?

We believe that if we feel good we are healthy. We think that if we take the correct combination of prescribed drugs for a minimal duration we will be restored to optimal function. But synthesised drugs have side effects. Funny how even with the amount of drugs available, sickness seems to be increasing. As I see it, there is no such thing as a free lunch. In an effort to become instant, we have robbed ourselves of nutrition. Have you ever heard of someone having a drug deficiency?

Nutrition is Gods way of giving the body the goodness it needs from nature. With proper and complete nutrition, our bodies can do the most amazing things. Not the least of which is have exceptional immune function. If we can fight the invading antibodies and toxins and rid them from our bodies, we will improve our quality of life and most probably the quantity of life as well.

A little over a decade ago, a scientific discovery yielded some amazing truth about how the body functions. This discovery opened new frontiers for research. It showed that cellular communication is fundamental to the human immune function and in turn, basic wellness.

Simply put, we must boost our immune systems to deal with our modern environment. Our lives are at risk! For further info as to what the discovery is, see the education page.